Current and new projects


Food and essentials

Currently we have a few small groups handing out food, donated clothes and toiletries across London while lending a friendly ear to really get to know some of the Homeless. We aim to establish a good relationship with the homeless community in order to see how best we can help them.

Next handouts:26/3 at 10:00 am in Farringdon

         2/4 at 6pm on the Strand


Wristband distribution

One of our latest projects inspired by the ‘Big Issue’ is to hand out sets of wristbands for free to the homeless community in order for them to exchange for donations. With this project, we are hoping the public will be more willing to part with their money to support homeless individuals, allowing them to buy themselves living essentials, such as food, toiletries and being able to pay for their own hostels/accommodation. This project will also allow the homeless community we are in contact with, to engage better with the public but also get into the mindset of working again, encouraging them to eventually being off the streets.  


Work rehabilitation programme

Happy Times Initiative is now offering a CV service to those in the homeless community who wish to try and get back into the world of work. We are currently in talks with organisations and individuals who are now willing to interview and potentially hire some of the homeless community who shine.  We  place individuals into hostels, to allow them to have a place to live, while getting back into work and being able to become self sufficient.


As part of the several programmes we are developing as part of Happy Times Initiative, one of them consists of giving out sets of wrist bands to the homeless to allow them to sell and raise money in order to pay for food, supplies and hostels and to become self sustainable. Unfortunately in some small cases, a minority of homeless may take advantage of Happy Times Initiative help and represent the organisation in a negative manner, which we will not tolerate. As we are a small organisation, it is very hard to oversee the behaviour of all individuals selling Happy Times Initiative Wrist bands/products and we apologies immensely if you ever experience this. If you, the public do ever experience negative behaviour from the homeless we are trying to help, please contact us immediately and we will take the appropriate action. Happy Times Initiative gives out sets of wrist bands for free to the homeless until we feel they can afford to pay for their living essentials then we will charge an affordable fee for each set. The money we receive in turn helps pay for more wristbands to continue the supply to help the homeless and also the running costs of the organisation such as rent and bills.  Happy Times Initiative do not accept liability of any wrong doing from individuals or groups (The Homeless) misrepresenting Happy Times Initiative while collecting donations/donations in exchange for Happy Times Initiative Products.